Getting back on the horse

Hi everyone.
Has it really been a month?

I haven’t blogged for a while month and now I am back.
I have been spending the last month concentrating on starting my accountancy study. Wow that’s hard! Im 1 chapter in after a whole month.

Admittedly, I did have some trouble getting the book, but you dont want to hear about that.

Anyway, after a period of large outgoings, I have performed further thinking in terms of how to earn money by doing something I a) love, and b) am skilled at. The list equates to this:

1. Baking – I should think of something niche, that not everyone is doing
2. Computers – Dont love it, but could do something in this area. It is my current chosen career after all.
3. Babies – As a new parent, my attention is highly focused on this.
4. Laughing – Funny things are great, I love to laugh. Something that make others laugh would be good.

By the way, I had my first response from People Per Hour! A gentleman wants me to update his website or something. I need to call him today and find out the score. This will be a learning curve for me to find out whether I actually can do it! Maybe that is my current calling.

Stepping away from the topic, or perhaps moving closer to it (you decide!) WordPress has decided to provide me with some links that I may like to add into my post at this time, based upon the entry that I am writing. Here are a couple:

Bit of fun.


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